David Denis, ND provides a holistic approach to treatment, and is experienced in a variety of naturopathic mental health treatments:

  • Herbal Medicine and Supplements
    • There are nutriceutical supplements and herbal compounds that can significantly improve mood and lower anxiety.  David has expertise in the combination of pharmaceutical and nutriceutical approaches.  In some cases the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical treatments can be lessened with the addition of specific supplements.
  • Nutrition
    • David can perform a complete nutritional evaluation. He has custom-designed nutrion plans for clients with mood and anxiety disorders, and supervised lifestyle changes to increase vitality and emotional wellness.
  • Acupuncture
    • Clinical trials have shown acupuncture to be effective in treating depression and anxiety.  David integrates acupuncture with mindfulness and psychotherapy to help balance both mind and body.
  • Sleep
    • Sleep is the foundation of good mood and high energy.  Paradoxically, knowing the importance of sleep can worsen insomnia, because we become more anxious when we have trouble falling asleep, knowing the negative impact this can have.  David has helped many people solve their insomnia with a variety of individualized techniques and approaches.