This 4 week group will provide participants with the basic fundamentals of mental health.  Each session will delve into a specific topic exploring naturopathic approaches that can support our mental health.  Participants will learn from Dr. Denis' expertise as well as from each other.  By the end of the four weeks participants can expect to have a set of skills and tools that will serve them in staying well mentally and emotionally.

Pre-Group Individual Interview - Individual interview with Dr. Denis to assess and identify specific needs as well as begin any supplement or herbal treatments that will be of benefit.

Session 1 - Understanding Negative Emotions

Session 2 - Food as Medicine - Decreasing Inflammation and Optimizing Neurotransmitter Function Through Diet

Session 3 - Exercise and Sleep - Optimizing Routines

Session 4 - Meditation and Cognitive Therapy 101 - Working With Our Thoughts

Who Should Attend:

This program is for anyone interested in optimizing their mental and emotional health.  Participants with or without a specific diagnosis are welcome to register.


Call 416 324 8888 or email to register.  

Cost: $250 (eligible for insurance coverage under Naturopathic medicine)


4 Tuesdays from 2pm until 4:30pm.  Starting on January 12 ending on February 2nd 


Urban Wellness Clinic

#302, Multipurpose Room

489 College Street (College and Bathurst)