David Denis, RP offers performance coaching to eSports athletes.  David has significant expertise and training as a psychotherapist as well as being a gamer himself.  David competed as one of the top eSports athletes in Team Fortress for The Nothing Inc. during the late 90's leading them to several top finishes.  He continues to enjoy competiting casually in titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and Counterstrike.

David brings his passion for gaming and his expertise with psychotherapy and performance coaching together when working with eSport athletes.  He has experience working both with individuals as well as teams to develop the mindset of a champion.  His work improves focus, discipline, and increases peak performance that can be accessed in training periods as well as in high pressure competitions.

Sports Psychology is essential in the professional sporting world.  Psychological techniques and training increase performance, decrease stress, and result in calm and focused players.  Mindfulness training in particular has been implemented throughout teams in the NFL, the NBA, professional tennis, and other high level sports. The corporate world has also embraced the benefits of mindfulness for productivity and creativity, with companies such as Google, Aetna, Intel and countless others offering mindfulness programs for their employees. The research evidence is also conclusive: mindfulness decreases anxiety, depression and stress, improves productivity and creativity, and markedly reduces daily stress.

eSports professional players face the same challenges of any pro athlete as well as some unique challenges.  Gaming requires high levels of focus for long periods of time.  Top players train upwards of 14 hours a day in scrimmages, solo q, and other forms of training.  For these training hours to be fruitful players must remain engaged, focused, and calm throughout.  Players often live and work together with their teammates.  Healthy and trusting relationships are extremely important for a team to succeed which can be a challenge when the pressures to perform are high.

Players also face immense pressures from the larger community.  The cycle of praise and blame, depending on the performance on any given day, can negatively affect a player who may be unused to being in the spotlight.  The stress in turn negatively affects mental health and gaming performance, trapping players in states of anxiety and overwhelm that can be hard to manage.

The skills that David trains can help to alleviate the stresses of the lifestyle of a professional gamer, and allow players to stay present with the joy of competing at the highest level of the game they love.